To use Zapier to process data from a 3rd Party application that will Optout or Delete a Contact, create a ZAP where the Step 1 Trigger is the desired 3rd party application and the Step 2 action follows the settings outlined below.

After creating the Step 1 Trigger, configure the ZAP's Action Step "GET in Webhooks by Zapier" for the API call pictured below. 

  v1 API   - Optout or Delete a Contact

1) Copy and paste into the URL field of the Set-Up Action. 

2) Enter the QUERY STRING PARAMETERS pictured below, and insert the account specific VALUES as instructed by the prompts shown below:

3) Use the test action feature of the step to send a test submission to the mobile platform and confirm success.

  v2 API   - Optout or Delete a Contact

v2 API Under Construction

Please check back at a later date.