If there is a group of contacts that needs to be omitted from receiving a text blast, but they are not already on a list or campaign, the easiest way to exclude them is to create a Target Group. The Target Group needs to comprise 2 lists using the "Remove From" option, where All Blast Contacts MINUS the Contacts to be Omitted. 

To do this, follow the steps below: 

Step 1. Log-in to the desired account and click Contacts, then click Target Lists.

Step 2. Click the create a Target List button. This will be 1st Target List (All Blast Contacts). This list should include all the contacts, even those that you will want to omit. 

Step 3. Create a 2nd Target list of the contacts you want to omit. 

Step 4. Now that you have both target lists, create a Target Group. 

Step 5. The parameters for the Target group will be as follows: 

  • Select Target List 1 for the first field
  • Choose the Remove From option
  • Select Target List 2 for the second field

Step 6. 

Save the group settings and click Done. This will save the target group and you will now have a list of all contact minus those that you want to omit. 

Step 7.

Send the desired blast to the Target Group that was created to omit the list of contacts. 

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