Setting Up a Refurbished iPad

  1. Once iPad has restarted, the “Hello” screen will appear.
  2. Press the Home button to open to start set-up.
  3. Select a Language > select “English”.
  4. Select Your Country or Region > select “United States”
  5. On the Quick Start screen, select “Set Up Manually”
  6. Choose a Wi-Fi Network and log into the Wi-Fi.
  7. On the Data & Privacy screen, select “Continue”
  8. On the Create a Passcode screen, select “Passcode Options” > then select “Don’t Use Passcode” > then select “Don’t Use Passcode” again.
  9. On the Apps & Data screen > select “Don’t Transfer Apps & Data”
  10. Enter Apple ID & Password (Note: If you do not have one, you’ll need to create one in order to operate the tablet and download Kiosk Pro Lite from the App Store.)
  11. On Terms and Conditions > select “Agree”
  12. On Choose Back > Select the latest iPad Backup “[DATE] at [TIME]”
  13. On Keep Your iPad Up to Date > Select “Continue”
  14. On Location Services > select “Disable Location Services” > select “OK”
  15. On Siri > select “Set Up Later in Settings”
  16. On iPad Analytics > select “Don’t Share”
  17. IF NEEDED: Software Update > select "Download and Install”
  18. IF NEEDED: Once Update downloads, select "Install Now”
  19. The device will restart, once the backup and/or updates are complete.

Double-Checking the Settings

  1. Click into the Settings App and on the General tab click:
    1. In the Finish Setting Up Your iPad tab > select “Finish Setting Up”
    2. On the Create a Passcode screen > select "Passcode Options” > select “Don’t Use Passcode” > then select "Don’t Use Passcode again”
    3. On the Siri screen > select "Set Up Later in Settings”
    4. In the Control Center tab > toggle the button to Turn Off “Access Within Apps”

Sign Out of iCloud 

  1. Go into the iCloud Profile tab.
  2. Verify all the iCloud settings are off.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the iCloud section, there should be a “Sign Out” button.
  4. Click “Sign Out”
  5. A confirmation window will appear, confirm by clicking “Sign Out” 
  6. Then, go into the iTunes & App Store tab.
  7. If still signed in, Click “Apple ID:”
  8. A pop-up will appear, click “Sign Out.”

CONGRATS! The device is now ready for kiosk use.

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