The online and offline app versions do not have root access on Android 4.0 and higher. In order to "lock" the digital kiosk in place (aka - prevent people from closing the kiosk and using the tablet for other purposes) a Browser or App lock will be necessary. Fully Kiosk Browser Lock is one of many applications that can be used on Android devices to lock the digital kiosk on the screen of a tablet. Due to its ease of use and low cost it is a popular alternative among many clients.  

Note: We do not own or control this application and this document is not a comprehensive and exhaustive guide to operating the Fully Kiosk App. Rather, it is a guide on the basic settings and features that will get this app installed and your tablet locked down quickly. 

Watch the app developers video @ then follow the steps below.

Fully Kiosk BROWSER Kiosk Mode 

Step 1.  

Using the desired tablet, log in to Google Play. If you do not have a Google account, create one then log-in to Google Play.

Step 2.

Search for, download and install “Fully Kiosk Browser” by Alexey Ozerov. Its icon is a blue F with a white background.

Step 3. 

Open the app and use the Quick Start Settings.

  • START URL - Enter the kiosk URL from the client account (ex:
  • Fullscreen mode - ON
  • Show Action Bar - OFF
  • Show Address Bar - OFF

Step 4.

Click the START USING FULLY button to launch the start URL then swipe right from the left side of the screen to display the Settings menu.

Step 5.

Tap Settings, then locate and tap Kiosk Mode (Plus) and ENABLE KIOSK MODE.

  • Kiosk Exit Gesture - Double Tap top left and Bottom Right Corner is advised
  • Kiosk Mode Pin - enter a pin (avoid repeat numbers ex: 1111 and sequences ex: 1234)
  • Disable Power Button - Do Not Enable. Allow the ability to power off and reboot the device

Note: When Kiosk Mode is enabled in the FREE Version, the kiosk will display a watermark and a PIN hint when the exit gesture is performed. Purchase a license to remove the PIN hint and watermark.

Once you have a License Key, you can apply it to any Fully Kiosk set-up using the steps below:

  • Access the Fully Kiosk Setting Menu
  • Scroll Down to Other Settings
  • Scroll Down to License Key
  • Enter your license key and click OK.

Other useful settings

  • Go to Device Management make sure that KEEP SCREEN ON is enabled and enable LAUNCH ON BOOT

  • Go to Web Browsing Settings and enable PULL TO REFRESH and LOAD START URL ON HOME BUTTON

  • Go to Kiosk Mode (PLUS) and use the following settings:

  • Disable Status Bar ON

  • Disable Volume Button ON

  • Disable Power Button OFF

  • Disable Home Button ON

  • Disable Other Apps ON

To access and change WIFI settings on the device without exiting kiosk mode – 

  • Perform the exit gesture

  • Enter the PIN

  • Tap Settings

  • Tap Device Management

  • Scroll to bottom and tap WiFi Settings

  • Connect to the desired network

  • Use the back button until you’ve returned to the kiosk screen