Manufacturers and OSs (operating systems) vary. These instructions are based on “Digiland, Android 5.0,” and are meant to give you a general overview of the settings and features needed to turn a tablet into a functional kiosk.

Step 1.

Plug the device in and turn it on and when the Welcome Screen appears > Select English.

Step 2.

Select a WiFi Network and connect to it.

Step 3.

SKIP adding a Google Account & Account Set-up, SKIP adding your name, re: Google Service - Deselect all check marks, the press Next.

Step 4. 

Go to Settings > then Wifi > then select the Browse Cluster with 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner > then select Advanced.

  • Verify that “Keep WiFi on during sleep” is set to always.
  • Record the Mac ID for asset inventory & tracking purposes.

Step 5.

Go to Settings > then Display.

  • Change Sleep to Never (Don’t Panic if NEVER is not an available option, just select the highest setting).
  • On applicable devices, Turn Daydream OFF.

Step 6.

Go to Settings > then Security.

  • Set Screen Lock to NONE.
  • Locate and Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.

Step 7.

Go to Settings > then scroll to the bottom and open About Tablet.

  • Locate Build Number and press it 7+ times to open Developer Options.
  • Go back to Settings > then select Developer Options.
  • Locate the Stay Awake setting and turn it ON (this will override the display settings where NEVER is not an available option).

Step 8.

Now, use the KIOSK INSTRUCTIONS to Download the mobile kiosk App and take it for a test run!

The following options are useful to include an added level of security for your device…

Step 9. 

Download / Activate an App or Browser lock to prevent closing the app.

  • These are third-party apps you can find on GooglePlay
  • EX: MobiLock Pro, SureLock, Knox, Full Kiosk Browser, GMD Immersive Mode, etc…

Step 10.

Go to the Home Screen and remove icon clutter to prevent wandering eyes from playing with the tablet’s apps.

Step 11.

Add the Kiosk / App lock icons to the Home Screen for easy access.

Step 12.

“Disable” unneeded app.

  • This is helpful to prevent data and battery drain due to updates and background processes than run unseen in the background.


(Only remove clearly identifiable apps that are a distraction to 

employees and avoid anything with the Android bot)


FAIL SAFE – If you deactivate something essential – don’t panic. You can undo everything by following these steps.

  • Go to Settings > then Back Up & Reset > then select Factory Data Reset.
  • This will undo all of your changes so that you can start over again from scratch.