Automating Reports is a great way to send emailed reports regularly to provide information on a variety of different reporting information. 

Step 1. 

To determine which reports can be automated, this is indicated by a an email icon located in the top right hand corner. 

Currently the following reports can be automated: 

  • Kiosk Summary
  • Coupon Redemption Log
  • Check In Manager Activity
  • Check In Manager Ranking
  • Coupon Summary

Step 2. 

To set up an automated report the steps are very similar regardless of which report that is automated. When clicking the email icon, a popup will appear. Click the Add New if no reports currently exist. 

To add additional email reports, click the add new button in the top right hand corner of the pop up.

Step 3. 

Select the first parameter. This will either be a kiosk, coupon, or a location depending on the report that is being automated. 

Step 4. 

Next Select the Time Range and Frequency of the email report. These reports can be run daily, weekly, monthly, or a first of the month report. 

Step 5. 

Then determine the time the report is sent out. 

Step 6. 

Provide the email address that the report will be sent from.

Step 7. 

Provide the email address that the report is sent to. There can be up to three emails receiving the same report. 

Note: Make sure that the from and to are not the same, nor are associated emails or else the report will get flagged as spam and will not send. 

Step 8. 

Then provide the Subject that will appear in the email report. 

Step 9. 

Finally provide the information that will appear in the body of the email. The report will show as a pdf attachment. 

Step 10. 

Once the parameters are set, click the create button and the program is all set. To automate multiple reports, simply manually set them up for each report and each  parameters can be edited at any time,