The Coupon Redemption Log displays records of all coupons redeemed, based of the parameters selected in the report. This is also a report that can be automated to send to whoever an automatic report on a regular basis. 

Step 1. 

Select the Filters that the report to sort by, the first being the kiosk and or the location for the redeemed coupons. 

  • The kiosk is available if the account is using a kiosk to redeem offers. 

  • The locations are available if the coupon widget is being used and location information was put in the widget for the contact to select when redeeming an offer. 

  • To see all the coupons regardless of how they were redeemed, choose show all for both.

Step 2. 

Select the desired coupon. To see all the coupons redeemed within a specific period, then select the ALL COUPONS option. 

Step 3. 

Select the desired date range. 

Step 4. 

Once all the filters have been selected, click the magnifying glass to execute the search. 

Step 5. 

In the top right hand corner, the report defaults to displaying 15 records at a time, however this can be easily changed by clicking the drop down to an amount that makes more sense based on the number of records in the report. 

Step 6. 

To move to the next page in the report, click the next button located in the top right hand corner of the report. 

Step 7. 

Review all the information provided. 

  • Coupon Name - Name of the coupon in the system.
  • Issue To - The mobile number the coupon was issued to.
  • Date Issued - The Date the coupon was issued. 
  • Date Redeemed - The Date the coupon was redeemed.
  • Kiosk - The name of the kiosk the coupon was redeemed on. When the kiosk is named, the Location will Display N/A
  • Location - The name of the Widget Location the coupon was redeemed at. When the Location is named, the Kiosk will Display N/A 

Step 8. 

Once the report is set, use the available options to download, print or email the report. 

  • Printer Icon - Print the report as is. 
  • Email Icon - Automate a report being sent depending on the specific parameters. 
  • Floppy Disc Icon - Download the report as is.

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