The Kiosk Check-Ins Report displays a list of all mobile numbers & landlines entered into a kiosk along with their check-ins, loyalty progress, and data on rewards issued & redemptions. This report can be filtered by a variety of data points including date range of activity and counts processed through specific kiosks or mobile number. 

By default, this report displays ALL KIOSKS and a Date Filter for the Last Activity showing the current month’s date range. As a result, the Total Check-ins and Loyalty Cycle Data are hidden. Export the report to see this hidden data or use the filter options provided to identify specific kiosk activity and the Total Check-ins and Loyalty Cycle data will display.

Step 1.

To show kiosk-specific data, select the desired kiosk and use the additional filters provided to generate a report detailing the selected activity.


Optional - Step 2.

Use the Count Filter to generate a report based on Check-in, Reward, or Redemption Counts that are Equal to, Greater Than, Less Than, or Not Equal to a specific number.  

Optional - Step 3.

Use the Date Filter to generate a report based on the Last Activity, Last Check-in Date, Last Reward Date, Last Redemption Date, or Date Joined, and enter the desired start and end date. 

If this filter is not necessary for the desired report, click the X icon on the drop-down menu to clear the selection.

Note: Clearing the Start & End Date will generate a report reflecting activity generated over the life of the account. 

Optional - Step 4.

Use the Mobile field to generate a report reflecting a specific mobile number’s activity.

Step 5.

Click the magnifying glass icon at any time to generate the desired report.

Exporting & Printing

Click the Export Excel button to export a CSV File or, click the Print button to download a PDF version of the displayed report.