Target Lists are dynamic customizable filters which allow you to isolate a subset of your Supported Opted-In contacts, either for export or for the purpose of sending a targeted text message. 

Note: These lists will not include contacts pending TCPA consent, landlines, nor non-supported carriers.  

Step 1.

Click Contacts from the platform menu.

Step 2.

Click Target Lists and then click the Create Target List button.

Step 3.

Name your Target List and click the Next button.

Step 4.

On the next screen you will put in the parameters for your target list. The columns allow you to select from a combination of filters that you can apply to your search. Selecting multiple filters in the same column will result in an "AND" request which means that the search must satisfy both parameters. Selecting multiple filters in different columns will result in an "OR" request which means the search must satisfy only one of the parameters. Select your parameters then click the Generate Target List button.

Congratulations, your Target List has been created. Click the Review List button to view your list details or click the Go to List Manager button to return to the Target List screen.

Note: Depending on the parameters you selected, it is not uncommon for your generated list to produce zero results. This may have occurred because the contacts opted-out, were deleted, or because there are no contacts that “currently” meet the parameters of the list.  Because your contacts list is dynamic and always changing, the number of contacts in your target list can change from day to day.

The Target List Manager allows you to View, Delete, and Archive a target list. Click the magnifying glass icon in the # Optins column to see the number of contacts a list contains. Click the View icon to see the Target List Details. 

 Watch: Video Tutorial - Creating a Target List