The Webform wizard allows contacts to opt-in to a campaign while also allowing you to collect additional data about the contacts. 

To create a webform, you must first go to your Database Settings and make sure that all of your settings are correct and all necessary fields are active. (When you create a webform it only pulls in database fields that are active)

Table of Contents

Step 1.

Click Contacts from the main menu, then click Webform Wizard

Step 2.

Click the Create New Form button.

Step 3.

Name the form and select a template to use. You can also include an optional form description. 

The Webform Wizard contains 3 main menus and a live preview window. Go through each section to customize your webform. 

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Step 4.

Begin with Select Data Fields by clicking the + to expand the menu. Here you can select the data fields you want to collect as well as designate the information as required in order to submit the form. Make sure to click the Save Changes button once you make your selections within this section. 

Note: Would like to create unique options for the database fields? 

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Step 5.

To modify the aesthetics of your webform click the + to expand the Design Your Form tab. Each section listed (Header, Form Labels, Form Fields, Submit Button, Background) has its own set of features that can be modified.

Note: You MUST click the Save Changes button within each section so that all of the modifications you make are saved correctly. 

Adding Images: If you want to add an image to your webform you must first take the size of the image into consideration. Because Webforms can be designed for any size display, the Webform wizard does NOT resize images. Any resizing must be done PRIOR to uploading the image. Once that is done, click the View Images upload icon.

Then, click the Browse button to upload your image. Each image uploaded is given an image ID tag (ex: ~img1~). You MUST copy the corresponding tag and paste it in the header or footer section where you would like the image to appear. 

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Step 6.

In order for your web form to generate an opt-in to a campaign, click the + to expand the Select Mobile Campaign menu. To make sure that your customer opts into the correct campaign select one or more of the keywords in this section. Providing 1 option, a Webform submission will automatically opt your customer in to that particular keyword. By providing multiple keywords, the Webform will display a set of checkboxes that your contact can choose from and potentially opt in to more than 1 campaign. Once you’ve selected your keyword click Save Changes to save the settings. 

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Step 7.

Once you have modified your webform to your liking, click the Add To Webpage button above the live Webform preview. 

Copy the embed code and provide it to whoever manages the website where it will be displayed OR you can add it to a mobile website for delivery via text. 

  Watch: Video Tutorial - Webform Wizard

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