Importing contacts into an account with existing check-ins is not a complicated process, follow the steps below to make sure the contacts have all their information when moving into a different account. 

Step 1. 

Create an excel file with the following columns: 

  • Mobile Number
  • Total Opt-Ins (Total Number of Check-ins)
  • Opt-Ins (Current Loyalty Cycle Check-ins)

Note: Other information can be imported for example, first name, last name, birthday, etc. make sure to label your fields accordingly. IF you have specialty information that would only pertain to the account, there are also up to 10 custom fields available to import to as well. 

Step 2. 

Before importing contacts, make sure the user account has the following: 

  • Loyalty Campaign
  • Loyalty Coupons
  • Kiosk 

Note: IF importing contacts that have with potential land-line numbers, make sure ALLOW LANDLINES is set to YES in the kiosk settings - otherwise, landline check-in data will not import correctly.

Step 3. 

Once the user account and excel file have been setup properly, go to Contacts > Import Contacts.  

Step 4. 

Fill out the three steps of importing to begin the process of importing your contacts. While the system says choosing a keyword is optional, for this process choosing a keyword is necessary. You need to select the loyalty keyword that was created to allow for the loyalty data to be imported correctly. 

Step 5. 

Next click Start Upload. 

Step 6. 

A new page will pop-up where the system is processing the file that was just uploaded. Once the contacts have been processed, you will be brought to a File Data Mapping page. 

Step 7. 

Make sure to select the corresponding drop down option that matches the information you are importing: 

  • Mobile Number
  • Total Opt-ins
  • Opt-ins
  • Select a Kiosk (This is necessary)

Note: If you are importing additional information, those fields will also appear and you will need to select the appropriate field to save that information to. 

Step 8. 

Click on Merge Data Fields. 

Step 9. 

The last page BEFORE your contacts will be imported is to Review Import and Save Contacts. Here you can check over the information and make sure the necessary amount of contacts are going to be imported. Here you also see a breakdown of the contacts in the file and if any already exist, are invalid or are new contacts in this account. 

Note: If something appears incorrect, this is the last opportunity to stop this process before the information is uploaded. You can simply go to a different area of the platform and the contacts will NOT be imported. You will have to begin the process again when you are ready to import. 

Step 10. 

If all of the information looks accurate, click on the button that saves SAVE TO CONTACTS. This will begin IMPORTING the contacts. 

Step 11. 

This will be the last screen you will see to show the progress of the import. 

Step 12. 

Once the file has been imported you will see this screen. Know that it will take the system some time to process this information.