Multiple target lists can be grouped together or subtracted from one another to achieve the desired group of contacts.  This allows for sending one message that is able to go out to multiple groups all at once.  

Step 1. 

Make sure the Target Lists for the group have already been created. If not, they will need to be created first. 

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Step 2. 

Click the button that says Create Target Group

Step 3. 

Name the Target Group.

Step 4. 

Select up to 5 target lists to include in the Target List Group.

Step 5. 

After selecting the second target list, the option to "ADD TO", "REMOVE FROM" or cross-check against the first Target List with "ALSO EXISTS IN" will appear.

Step 6.

As the Target List Group designates are selected, a flowchart will display below.

"ADD TO" will add a plus sign between the selected Target Lists.

"REMOVE FROM" will display a minus sign between the selected Target Lists.

And, "ALSO EXISTS IN" will display both Target Lists side by side with an "&" symbol.

Step 7. 

Once the Target List Group settings are selected, click Save Group Settings. 

Step 8.

Then Click DONE to exit the area. 

Step 9. 

Click on the magnifying glass next to the Target List Group to see how many unique contacts are in the group.