When an image/gif/video isn't uploading there are a couple of things to check to ensure the file uploads properly: 

Q - Is the image in the correct format type? Each file has different requirements

  • Image - .jpg
  • Audio - .mp3
  • Video - .3gp
  • Gif - .gif

Q - Is the file within the necessary size requirements? Regardless of which format is being used the file needs to stay under 500kb to ensure that the entire text message is able to be sent out by the carriers. 

Q - Does your file name include an additional period (.) or additional special characters? Often, someone will include the date in the file name, for example "image9.21", the additional period means the system will read the file type as a .21.jpg, which will cause it to error. Make sure to remove any additional characters, especially a period from the file to avoid issues.