When redeeming an offer on the kiosk, the system will pull in the "coupon description" created in the mobile coupon itself on the confirmation screen. Unless it is formatted with line-breaks the kiosk treats this text as one long string, which is why this text ends up too small to read on the device. 

If the text that appears after redeeming a coupon on a kiosk is too small, it means that some line-breaks need to be added to the Coupon description for that particular coupon. 

To fix this, simply follow the steps below: 

Step 1. 

Click Mobile Tools and then select Mobile Coupons.

Step 2. 

Click the edit button for the desired coupon. 

Step 3. 

Locate the text field for the Coupon Description and add line breaks formatted as <br> to the existing text in order to break up the description into distinct lines. Remember to save the changes.