Check the URL. Does it contain special characters or encoding?

Special Characters produce special encoding when converted to a URL. For example, a website with a page "Rewards & Offers" may get the "&" and display it as "%26" in the URL. 


The URL shortener is operating within the IIS frame and the presence of "%26" is being read as encoding, so it encodes it again when using the URL Shortener and adds more characters to the URL. 


This would break the redirecting of the URL.

Is there a way around this?

There is no way around this. For the URL shortener to redirect to the correct site, the site owner will need to remove the "%26" from the URL. 

(i.e. Change "Rewards & Offers" to "Rewards and Offers") 

Alternatively, if updating the site URL is nor viable, consider sending the text as an MMS message and include the complete URL instead of a shortened URL.