Transmit 5 is a macOS file transfer app to provides a simple and easy to set-up solution for using Drop & Go on macOS. The app allows uploads, downloads, and file management on tons of servers. It’s fast and easy to use. It is a subscription-based app that is purchased through the Apple Store (7 day free trial with ongoing use for $24.99/year). 

Follow the steps below to download and use Transmit 5 application for Drop & Go.

Step 1.

On the device where the file is to be used, go to the App Store, search for Transmit 5, then Download the app.

Step 2.

Once the download is complete, open Transmit 5.

Step 3.

When the Transmit 5 Welcome screen opens, click the Get Started button. 

Step 4. 

Click Start Subscription button.

Step 5.

Use the Apple ID Sign In pop-up to Sign in to the desired iCloud Account and proceed with Free Trial and Subscription.

Step 6.

Once signed in, the Transmit 5 Home screen appears. While on the Servers tab, click the Add icon (+) on the bottom left corner to add a new server.

Step 7.

Choose Server Type, “FTP” and Name the Server. Then, click Next.

Note: Best practice is to name the server with the account name + “Drop & Go” 

Step 8.

Enter Drop & Go FTP AddressFTP Username, & FTP Password in the space provided.

(Optional) Step 9.

Click the dropdown icon next to the grey FTP Server Icon. Then, click Choose Image to add a logo as the folder icon.

Step 10.

Click Save to create the Server account. The home screen will open and the new Drop & Go Server should appear on the list. 

Step 11.

Select and Double-Click account to be taken into the Drop & Go Server.

Step 12.

When opening a Drop & Go Server for the first time, the “error” and “processed” folders do not appear until the first file is dropped into the FTP folder.

Step 13.

Drop a TEST CSV file to ensure the connection to the Drop & Go Server is SUCCESSFUL.

Step 14.

To exit the Drop & Go Server, click the Eject icon towards the top left corner. You will be taken back to the home screen.

Step 15.

Repeat steps 6 through 10 to create as many Drop & Go folder paths as needed.

Step 16.

Congrats! The Transmit 5 set up is complete and the Drop & Go FTP folder is now accessible from macOS.