Subject Lines are a consequence of sending MMS messages on short-codes, and how the delivery of the message was triggered. The following is a breakdown of Subject Line behavior when using different messaging codes. 

TF# & 10-DLC Message Codes:

  • MMS Subject Lines are not included for MMS messages sent from a Toll Free number or a 10-DLC

Short Codes:

  • When an MMS is sent from a trigger campaign as "text only," the campaign name is used as the subject.
  • When an MMS is sent from a trigger campaign as "with content," the subject of the content is used.
  • When an MMS is sent as a blast, the composer provides "subject line" options that apply whether sending the message with or without content. Enter the desired subject line in the space provided, or leave the field blank and the subject line will be omitted.
  • When sending MMS from a birthday club, whether sending as text only or with content, the campaign name is used as the subject line. 
  • When MMS messages originate from the campaign (ex: opt-in 001, delayed interactives, after trigger), the subject line will always reflect the campaign name.

NOTE: It's important to check and revise the campaign names if necessary to make sure they best reflect the program. Ex. Business Name Mobile Club, Business Name Loyalty Club. Including the Business Name in the Campaign Name section is vital to ensuring a consistent customer experience. 

To update or review the campaign name: 

Step 1. 

Go to Messaging.

Step 2. 

Click Mobile Campaigns.

Step 3. 

Click the Edit button on the campaign.

Step 4. 

Review and Edit the Campaign Name if necessary. 

Step 5. 

When updating the campaign name, make sure to click the Update Campaign Information button to save any changes.