For accounts that use an age verification filter, here are some suggestions:
  • Make sure that staff are promoting the system and reminding consumers who join to reply to the age verification message they received
  • If the account uses a kiosk, update the initial opt-in message to include language that reminds consumers to reply to the age verification message they were sent
  • Consider adding an enticement for new opt-ins, that they will only receive if they respond to the filtered message and complete the opt-in

If alcohol promotions make up a small subset of messages contacts may receive, then consider using a 2 campaign strategy. Everyone joins a campaign with no age verification filter. This campaign sends a 002 message that offers contacts interested in receiving alcohol promos an opportunity to join by replying with a keyword. The keyword is part of a second campaign for  21+ that has an active age verification filter. In this way, everyone can join the mobile program and receive messages, but only those who join the 21+ campaign can receive alcohol promotions.