Inbound Data Capture is a great way to add new data to existing mobile numbers. This includes but is not limited to relevant information such as First Name, Email Address, or Date of Birth. This Advanced Message Option captures an inbound message and saves it into the contact’s profile within the account. 

Blasts require special consideration when using inbound data capture as it relates to the "send next message" option. This is further explained in Step 4 below.  

Step 1.

From the Messaging Menu, click Send Text Blast and begin crafting a message with the desired question for which the responses will be captured. 

Step 2.

Check mark the box to activate Inbound Data Capture within the Advanced Message Options menu.

Step 3.

Select the Contact field the captured inbound message data will be saved to.

Step 4.

Optional - Use the Send Next Message dropdown menu to select an interactive message to be sent in response to a captured reply. It is customary to send a confirmation that a reply was received and end the conversation. Although it is not required, it is best practice. 

CAUTION - For blasts sent with inbound data capture, select the interactive message currently being used as a send next reply within the campaign. 

If the desired campaign does not use a send next, it is advised to create and use a new campaign with a send next message to send the blast.  

Step 5.

Click the Submit button to save and schedule the blast.

 Watch: Video Tutorial - Inbound Data Capture