MMS is supported on 10-DLCs and Toll-Free #s but its important to note some of the inconsistencies with MMS delivery between short codes & 10-DLC / Toll-Free #s with things like Subject Lines and vCards. 

On Toll-Free #s and 10-DLCs:

  • Subject Lines - Are not included with the text message. The system will still require a subject to be entered when the content is uploaded, but the subject lines are not being sent with the text. 
  • vCards - If a vCard link is included in a text message they will open and download fine. But the vCard drop down of a blast or interactive message will not send out the vCard. 
  • MMS Content - MMS Content (ex .jpg) sent on a TF# or 10-DLC must be cached with our upstream partners before it can be delivered. This means that newly uploaded content should be 1st sent to someone on the account's admin as a test. The first message sent with the new content will fail, but the content will now be cached upstream.  When sending new content on a TF# or 10-DLC please:
    • 1) Send a TEST message to 1 recipient (the delivery will fail).
    • 2) Send a 2nd TEST message to the same recipient (the message will be delivered with the content).
    • 3) Schedule the message to the desired recipients.  

Otherwise, whether sending SMS or MMS on a TF# make sure to pay attention to the following: 
  • Make sure to use custom domain URLS (short URLs & coupon URLs) 
  • Do not use or other mass-distributed general links
  • Do not send prohibited content (gambling, cannabis, CBD, fireworks, debt collection, etc...) 
  • Schedule the MMS message ahead of time to allow for adequate pre-loading of the message