Depending on the type of campaign that is executed, there are a couple of different options to prevent contacts from opting in to a mobile campaign more than once. 

Mobile Opt-In Campaign

When running a mobile opt-in campaign (which includes contests, event based programs, and most campaigns that exclude loyalty) the easiest way to set up an opt-in limit is to follow these steps: 

Step 1.

Go to Mobile Campaign and click the Edit button on the campaign you want to limit participation for.

Step 2. 

Go to the Opt-In Management Tab

Step 3. 

By default the Opt-In Management Section will be OFF, go ahead and select ON

Step 4. 

Click on the Contest Option and select 1 in forever. Create a Max Reached Message letting your contact know they have already joined. 

Loyalty Campaigns

For a loyalty campaign, the opt-in management filter will already be turned on and marked for loyalty, which means the contest filter is not an option. For a loyalty campaign where there is only a #001 message as part of the campaign, the best option is to use the couponing feature. 

To limit opt-ins for a loyalty program, a coupon MUST be created. If the account does not want to offer a coupon upon an initial join that is ok, the coupon will instead be built out as a flyer to promote the loyalty rewards, the business, or maybe a new product or service being offered. 

Whether an offer is sent out or not, the steps will be the same, it will simply be the content of the widget display that will vary. 

Step 1. 

Go to Mobile Tools and select Mobile Coupons. 

Step 2. 

Create the coupon and/or widget.

Step 3. 

In the Coupon Redemption and Sharing, turn the Valid for New Contacts Only on. 

Step 4. 

Click Update within the section and a Text Message Box will appear underneath the valid for new contacts option. 

Step 5. 

Create a message letting the contact know that they are already in the campaign. 

Step 6. 

Click update within the section again to save the message. 

Step 7. 

Now that the coupon is complete, go to the Messaging Section and select Mobile Campaigns. 

Step 8. 

Click the edit button on the loyalty campaign and select the Interactive Messages Tab.

Step 9. 

Edit the 001 message and add the coupon to the message. 

Step 10. 

Click save and your program will now limit the contact from trying to join again.