Step 1.

Click Messaging from the main menu, then click Mobile Campaigns.

Step 2.

Click the Create New Campaign button. 

Note: If you are creating the first campaign for the account you will be redirected to the Mobile Settings page where you must enter account level Help & Stop Contact Information to proceed.

The initial set-up for a campaign is accomplished with 3 basic steps. Complete the applicable information on each page and click the Next button to proceed to the following page.


  • Enter the Campaign Name - 

    • The Campaign Name tells end users the campaign that they have opted into (ex "ABC Company Text Alerts") when they text “help” or “stop” as a response to one of your messages.

  • Set your mobile campaign status to Active or Not Active - 

  • Select which short code your mobile campaign will operate on. A short code is the 5-digit number that is used to deliver and receive messages belonging to your mobile campaigns

  • Choose the type of mobile campaign from the dropdown menu. (Note: Select CUSTOM for maximum flexibility)

    • Custom: Select this campaign type for maximum flexibility when creating a mobile campaign

    • Contest w/ Automated Winner Selection: Select this campaign type when creating a Text-2-Win campaign.(NOTE: Alternative Text-2-Win contests are created using a Custom Campaign & the Random Winner Selector)

    • Vote or Poll: Select this campaign type when creating a text to vote or poll campaign. (NOTE: You may also select CUSTOM when creating this type of campaign)

    • Text to Screen: Select this campaign type when creating a text to screen campaign in which incoming messages are projected onto a screen or projection device. This campaign type will give you a “Moderator” feature for approving/rejecting inbound messages before they are displayed on a screen.

  • Select the start and end dates for your mobile campaign. Leave the end date blank if this will be an ongoing campaign. Click NEXT to proceed to the next step.

  • If your campaign does have a start or end date, you have the option of activating an INACTIVE MESSAGE that end users will receive if they attempt to join before or after the campaign is active.


Enter the keyword for your mobile campaign and enter your contact information. This campaign level contact information will be provided to users who send an incoming HELP or STOP request. Click the Next button to continue to the final step, the message.


Enter the 1st message a contact will receive when they opt-in to your mobile campaign, then click the Create New Campaign button.   

Note: Your message content will vary based on your needs and the type of mobile campaign you are creating. 


Congratulations! Your campaign is now active and LIVE. You may now text your campaign’s keyword to the shortcode you have selected to test your campaign. Use the Mobile Campaign menu to manage and edit your campaign as needed.

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