Inbound Reply Options are available with Interactive Messages, Trigger Messages and Text Blasts. Use inbound reply options if your message has options that the recipient is expected to respond with (e.g. "yes", "no", "1-2-3" or "a-b-c"), and you would like the system to deliver specific messages for each reply option.

Step 1.

Click the Inbound Reply Options dropdown menu at the top of the Advanced Message Options section and select the number of reply options that you would like to use. The system can support up to 6 Reply Options per message.

Step 2.

Click the SubmitCreate Message, or Update Message button save the selection. 

Step 3.

Edit your reply Reply Options. 

  • Select from a series of Standard Replies (yes, no, 1,2,3, etc.) or type in a Custom Reply Option. 

  • Enter an auto-response message for each Reply Option. You may also choose to SKIP the auto-response message and either send NOTHING, or select a Next Message ID which delivers the selected interactive message from the campaign.

  • Optional - Email notifications can be configured for delivery to a designated email address when the select reply option is received.

  • Customize reply settings to limit the number of times a contact can reply as well as configure the message to be redelivered to a contact if a reply has not been received.

Step 4.

Click the Save Reply Options button to save your reply settings.

 Watch: Video Tutorial - Inbound Reply Options