The contest option will prevent contacts from joining your campaign more than the allotted amount. This can be used to block multiple entries or prevent customers from trying to rejoin a campaign. 

Step 1. 

Edit your campaign and go into the Opt-In Management tab and turn ON

Step 2. 

Next select the Contest option.

* Please note that you cannot have a campaign turned on for both contest and loyalty. 


Step 3. 

Set how many entries are allowed per person and how often they can enter. 

Once you have made your choices you also need to include a Max Reached Text Message. If you want, you can attach a coupon as well. 

Note: For example, you can select One entry for the entire length of the contest OR so many entries per day. Make sure to use end of calendar day if you want to allow people to enter the next day as the system is programmed to wait exactly 24 hours before allowing the customer to re-enter if you choose 1 day.  

Step 4. 

Once you have set these parameters click on Update and your campaign has been set for a contest and restrict the number of entries.