A mobile broadcaster allows you to initiate a text blast to optin contacts from a mobile device, without being logged into the user interface. This feature is primarily used in emergency response notifications and can be used to initiate a text blast when a computer with an internet connection is not available.

Step 1.

Click Messaging from the main menu.

Step 2.

Click Mobile Campaigns.

Step 3. 

Click the pencil icon in the edit column of the campaign for which you wish to configure Inbound Message Notifications.

Step 4.

Click the Advanced Settings tab.

Step 5.

Locate "Configure Mobile Broadcasters" and click the Configure button to add a mobile broadcast handset.

Step 6.

Add the desired mobile number in the text field provided along with a Broadcast Keyword which will be used to initiate the text blast.  Click the “ADD” button to add the mobile device as a mobile broadcaster.

Step 7.

Close the pop up window when finished.