Message Personalization is available in all text messages sent from the system. This feature allows you to personalize messages with contact data that already exists in the system.

Step 1.

Click the View Fields button within the Advanced Message Options menu to view the different data merge fields that can be merged into the text message.

Step 2.

Locate the desired data merge field then copy and paste it into your message.

Contact Data


Merge Field

First Name

use >>


Last Name

use >>



use >>



use >>



use >>



use >>



use >>


Custom1 thru Custom10

use >>

~custom1~ thru ~custom10~

Future Date

use >>

~date7~ (ex: 7 days in future)

~date15~ (ex: 15 days in future)

Mobile Coupons

(if available)


~redeem~ = links to redeem widget

~coupon~ = displays coupon codes

~share~ = links to share page on widget

 Watch: Video Tutorial - Message Personalization