Interactive Messages are part of the message flow a user receives when they opt-in to one of your mobile campaigns. Interactive messages can create a sophisticated message flow that provides for automated interactions used with special campaigns such as surveys, trivia, contests, and menu driven alerts. They can be linked to other messages, have time delays enabled, and capture inbound replies among other things..

Step 1.

Click Messaging from the platform menu.

Step 2.

Click Mobile Campaigns.

Step 3. 

Click the pencil icon in the edit column of the campaign you wish to edit. 

Step 4.

Click the Interactive Messages Tab to... 

  • Revise the campaign’s bounceback message

  • Add/Edit additional interactive messages

Step 5.

To revise the campaign message, click the Interactive Messages tab then click the Edit button of the message you wish to change.

Step 6.

Edit the interactive message as needed then click the Update Message button finished.

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