The Blast Schedule is used to review all blast and trigger messages scheduled for the account. Within the Blast Schedule, messages can be Edited, Deleted, Duplicated, and Aborted. 

Step 1. 

Go to the Messaging Section and Select Blast Schedule. 

Step 2.

The blast schedule allows text blasts to be created.  

                                                        See Related Article: Sending a Text Blast

Step 3. 

The search feature allows searching for specific messages both sent and scheduled within a certain time by changing the From and To Dates and selecting the Go Button. 

Step 4. 

To filter the messages further click the funnel icon to open up a popup. 

Step 5. 

In here the first piece will also be to select the start and end dates that are included in the search. 

Step 6. 

Determine whether  inactive campaigns are to be included in the search. If so, check mark the box. This is important if searching for all blasts within a large time frame to give an accurate account of all the messages sent from this account. 

Step 7. 

Next decide on what recipients are including in the search. 

Step 8. 

Then choose the message type, there are two options: 

  • Scheduled Blasts are any messages that are created using the Create a Text Blast Feature
  • Trigger Messages are the messages created in the Trigger Messaging Feature. 

Step 9. 

Finally within the filter feature, choose the status and segment based on the what happened with the messages OR choose Show All to simply see all messages within the time period selected. 

Step 10. 

Once all options have been selected, click the Filter button to see only the selected options. 

Step 11. 

Once the messages appear within the search parameters, the amount of message that are displayed on a page can change by clicking the drop down. By default the first 50 are displayed until this is changed. 

Step 12. 

For each message the following information is available: 

  • Details: Refers to the ability to edit a message, IF a message is scheduled, there is the option to edit or abort. IF the message is sent, there is the option to duplicate a message.
  • Recipient(s): Refers to who the blast is scheduled or sent to. 
  • Keyword: This is the keyword selected when creating the message. 
  • Message: This is the text that is going out to the selected recipients. 
    • For each message, an icon will appear to help determine which TYPE of message is being sent.
      This dialogue box shows that the message type is an SMS:    The image icon shows that the message type is an MMS:     


  • Replies: This ONLY will work if using the Inbound Reply Options or Data Capture. 
  • Links: This ONLY will populate data if a link was included. If a coupon link (using ~redeem~) is used there will also be a bar graph of how many views a particular coupon has. 
  • Status: Identifies where the message is, whether it be sent, aborted, scheduled, or failed. 
  • Size: Is the number of recipients currently slated to receive the message. Please note that if a message is scheduled, the system will look at the parameters of the message again BEFORE sending out the message to make sure everyone is included that fits the group selected.
  • Send Time: This shows when a message has been sent or will be sent. 
  • Delete: Only messages that are scheduled can be deleted before the message is sent. 

Note: A Failed Status means that message was unable to go out, in most circumstances this is due to the recipients selected, if there are no contacts in a particular list for a message then a message will show as failed.

Step 13.

For Resellers ONLY: In the Master Account the Reseller View button is in the top right hand corner. This feature allows access to see messages going out in client level accounts by clicking the Reseller View. 

Step 14.

Within the popup, all the messages that are within the time parameter are visible and have the ability to as well as edit. 

Step 15.

To See and Edit the message, click the Plus sign next to the message. From there, the message will appear. Then click anywhere in the message and a popup will appear where there is the ability to edit the message as well.