When creating an Interactive Message, Blast, or Trigger Message you will notice the Advanced Message Options to the right of the message field:

1) Inbound Reply Options: This feature allows you to automate the delivery of texts in response to predetermined replies from mobile subscribers. It is useful for a variety of purposes including but not limited to Text Voting, Surveys and Trivia.

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2) Message Personalization: This feature allows you to personalize messages with contact data that may exist (ex: First Name). Use the VIEW FIELDS button to see all the different personalization options available.

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3) Time Delay: The time delay feature is ONLY available on INTERACTIVE message types. The time delay puts an incremental delay on an interactive message. For example, you may wish to send a message one day after someone opts in. If this is the case, simply add a 1 day delay to your interactive message.

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4) Inbound Data Capture: This feature lets you capture data from an inbound message and save it to that contact record. This Is a great way to capture relevant information such as First Name, Email Address, or Date of Birth.

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5) Mobile Coupons: Use the mobile couponing system to deliver visually appealing coupon offers or unique coupon codes.  To use this feature, you must first create your coupon under Mobile Tools > Mobile Coupons. Once you have created your coupon, simply select the coupon of your choice and use ~coupon~, ~redeem~, or ~share in your message.

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