The Message Inbox displays inbound text messages from contacts and allows for easy one on one communication.

Step 1. 

Go to Messaging and select Message Inbox. 

Step 2. 

On the top right are some message actions available to you:

  • Mark messages as READ
  • Mark messages as NEW 
  • MOVE messages into other folders
  • Mark messages as TRASH

Step 3. 

Sub-folders can be created and managed in the inbox by clicking on the EDIT button in the folders tab.


Step 4. 

Click on the message chat icon to communicate one on one with contacts.

The conversation popup also displays the entire conversation history with the contact.

Step 5. 

The message inbox also lets users easily select contacts to DELETE or OPT OUT from receiving future messages.

Note: Opting Out a contact, means they will no longer receive messages. Deleting a Contact means the contact will no longer receive messages AND all information of the contact will be deleted from the entire account.