A Text Broadcast (aka Text Blast) is a text message sent to an individual contact or a group of contacts.  A Send Text Broadcast button is available on various pages throughout the platform, but the steps involved are the same.

2023 UPDATE: The team rolled out an updated and enhanced Blast Composer. The new composer features a progress bar that shows users their step-by-step progress and MUCH MORE. Watch the video below for a quick overview of sending a text broadcast on the new composer.


 Watch: Video Tutorial - Sending a Text Blast


Use the links below to jump to specific sections for more information on the additional features and tools in the composer. 

Follow the step below to compose and send a text blast. 

Step 1.

Click Messaging from the main menu, then click Send Text Blast.

Step 2.

Select the mobile campaign to send the message from. 


Step 3.

Select the recipients for the message.

  • Keyword's optin contacts - This will only send the blast to contacts opted into the mobile campaign that is selected.

  • All contacts for my account - This will send the blast to all valid mobile contacts for the account. Basically - anyone with a mobile number to a carrier that is supported and that is not opted out.

  • Target List - This will send the blast to a target list selected.

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  • Send to Imported File - This option sends a message to contacts that exist on a previously imported file.

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Step 4.

When to Send: Select whether to send the message now or in the future.

Note: There is no going back when using the NOW option. For that reason, scheduling a FUTURE message with a minimum 10-minute window is advisable for the ability to cancel or revise the message before it is sent.

Step 5.

Select a Message Type (SMS or MMS) and Compose the text blast in the space provided. 

After a user has selected their Mobile Campaign, Recipients, and Send Time, the message editor will appear. Users can easily toggle between SMS or MMS message tabs.

The Difference between SMS vs. MMS

  • SMS - Allows for a 114-character message (with footers) - 160-character message (without footers).

  • MMS - AKA “Content”, allows for a 454-character message (with footers) - a 500-character message (without footers) with an option to include Content (Image, Video, Ringtone). Sending via MMS requires drafting a second non-MMS message that will be delivered to handsets and mobile carriers that do not support MMS messages.

  • Sending MMS on TF or 10-DLC - MMS Content (ex .jpg) sent on a TF# or 10-DLC must be cached with our upstream partners before it can be delivered. This means that newly uploaded content should be 1st sent to someone on the account's admin as a test. The message delivered will not contain the content, but the content will now be cached upstream. When sending new content on a TF# or 10-DLC please:
    • 1) Send a TEST message to 1 recipient (the message will be delivered without content).
    • 2) Send a 2nd TEST message to the same recipient (the message will be delivered with the content).
    • 3) Schedule the message to the desired recipients.  

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Step 6.

After composing the message, an options bar should appear at the bottom of the composer. Click the PREVIEW button to review the message.

Message Preview

A Message Preview is available for users to preview their SMS or MMS messages before scheduling. This will render a preview of how the message might appear on a handset.

MMS Preview


SMS Preview


Send Test - Send One-Off Text Message

A Send Test option will appear for users to send themselves a sample of their SMS or MMS message before scheduling. This will send a one-time individual message to the mobile number provided in the field.

Note: To receive the TEST MESSAGE the receiving mobile number must be in the account and cannot be opted out of the campaign the message is being sent from. 


Step. 7

When satisfied, click the SUBMIT button to schedule the text blast.

Advanced Message Options

Advanced Message Options are not required to send a blast. However, by including Inbound Replies, Data Capture, Coupons, Emojis, Message Templates, vCards, or MMS content, these options make blasts more interactive, engaging, and informative for both senders and receivers. 

The Advanced Message Options are represented as icons above the message text field. When clicked, the advanced options will appear to the right of the message editor. These icons will appear with green checks when they have been completed successfully. Or, they will display a red exclamation notice icon indicating a selection is missing or incomplete. 


Message Templates

Users can select from preset Message Templates, identified by the icon: 

Message templates allow users easily load from predefined messages for their text broadcasts. 

Note: Access to editing Message Templates has been added as a User Restriction. Also, click the Edit Templates icon in the right-hand corner to create the templates.



The user-friendly Emoji Section features a search field when looking for specific emojis. 

Note: Emojis may appear differently on different browsers and devices, please use https://emojipedia.org/ for references on how emojis will display.


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