Offer your customers the ability to collect payments and donations via PayPal through your custom mobile websites.


Step 1.

Click Mobile Tools from the main menu.

Step 2.

Click PayPal Campaigns.

Step 3.

Click the Create PayPal Campaign button.

Step 4.

When the popup displays, enter a campaign name, your PayPal Merchant ID for receiving payments, and select whether this is a Payment or Donation. When you are finished, click the Create button and close the popup.

Step 5.

Click the edit icon to manage your PayPal campaign. 

Step 6.

On this screen you can select your payment type, payment amount, and after purchase URL. You can also preview and test your PayPal button.


Once you have created your PayPal Campaign, you are now able to add it to a mobile webpage. 

Step 1.

Click Mobile Websites from the main menu.

Step 2.

Click the edit icon to go into your existing mobile webpage.

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Step 3.

Click the "Add PayPal Button" to add your button to the page.

Step 4.

Use the Select Payment Button drop down menu to designate which PayPal Campaign would like to use.

Step 5.

Click the Save Updates button to save your changes.

 Congratulations! Your PayPal button will now be LIVE on your mobile webpage.

 Watch: Video Tutorial - Create a PayPal Campaign