The Kiosk Group Engage feature should be used in lieu of single auto-engage when multiple kiosks are being used. When activated, the system will check the activity of all kiosks included in your kiosk group to determine whether a customer has checked-in before sending the group auto-engage message.

Before you can begin, you need to create the kiosks and add them to a kiosk group. 

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Step 1.

Click Mobile Tools from the main menu.

Step 2.

Click Digital Kiosk Wizard.

Step 3.

Click the Group Engage button, located next to the kiosk group button.

Step 4. 

Give your auto-engage program a name. 

Step 5. 

Select the amount of time since a customers’ last check in. 

Step 6. 

Select the time you want this message to go out. 

Step 7. 

Select your kiosk group. 

Step 8. 

Create the message you would like to send out to customers to try to entice them to come back into your stores. 

Step 9. 

You also have the option of adding a coupon if you would like. 

Step 10. 

Select the keyword or keywords that your auto-engage program is tied to, the available options will be based on the campaigns that are attached to the kiosks included in the group.

Step 11. 

Now that the parameters are set, click create and your program is ready. 

Note: Once created, you are able to create additional group engage programs as well, there is no limit to how many programs you want to create. 

Step 12. 

Once created, you will have the opportunity to edit or deactivate your program at any time. To deactivate, click the ON button which will prevent the message attached to this program from going out. 

To edit a program, click the icon that pops up when you hoover over the right hand side of each component.