Step 1.

Click Messaging from the main menu, then click Send Text Blast.

Step 2.

Select the mobile campaign you wish to send the message from. 


Step 3.

Select the recipients for your message.

Keyword's optin contacts - This will only send the blast to contacts opted into the mobile campaign that is selected.

  • All contacts for my account - This will send the blast to all valid mobile contacts for your account. Basically - anyone with a mobile number to a carrier that is supported and that is not opted out.

  • Target List - This will send the blast to a target list of your choice.

    See Related ArticleCreating a Target List

  • Send to Imported File - This feature lets you send a message to contacts that exist on a previously imported data file.

    See Related ArticleImporting Contacts


Step 4.

When to Send: Select whether you want to send the message now or in the future.

Note: There is no going back if you send your message using the NOW option. For that reason, scheduling a FUTURE message with a minimum 10 minute window is advisable to give yourself the ability to cancel or revise the message before it is sent.

Step 5.

Under Message Type, select MMS. From there you will see two message options, both of these message options MUST be completed in order to submit the text message. 

Note: The MMS allows for a 454 character message (with footers) - 500 character message (without footers). The NON MMS only shows 84 characters because a url will be inserted in the message with the content that is attached to the MMS message. 

  • Sending MMS on TF or 10-DLC - MMS Content (ex .jpg) sent on a TF# or 10-DLC must be cached with our upstream partners before it can be delivered. This means that newly uploaded content should be 1st sent to someone on the account's admin as a test. The message delivered will not contain the content, but the content will now be cached upstream. When sending new content on a TF# or 10-DLC please:

    • 1) Send a TEST message to 1 recipient (the message will be delivered without content).
    • 2) Send a 2nd TEST message to the same recipient (the message will be delivered with the content).
    • 3) Schedule the message to the desired recipients.  

Step 6. 

After the messages are created, make sure to select the content by either choosing the content from the drop down OR select OMIT CONTENT which will not attach any content. Your MMS message must include message text for MMS and non-MMS contacts.

Step 7. 

Review the messages, make sure the correct content has been selected and then click submit to schedule the message.