The kiosk wizard feature is designed to appear on a tablet and allow customers to join your mobile club, participate in a loyalty program, or enter a contest. 

Step 1.

Click Mobile Tools from the main menu.

Step 2.

Click Digital Kiosk Wizard.

Step 3. 

Click on the Create New Kiosk button to get started building your kiosk. 

Step 4.

The first thing you will need to do is give your kiosk a name. This will become part of the url used to create your kiosk. 

Step 5. 

You can also add a description but this will only be used for internal use. 

Step 6. 

Select the button that you want to appear on your kiosk. 

  • Mobile Optin - Allows customers to join a mobile club or contest

  • Mobile Optin 2 - Allows customers to join a second mobile club or contest

  • Loyalty Check-in - Allows customers to check in each visit to earn rewards 

  • Check in + Data Capture - Can be used as either a loyalty or mobile optin button depending on the program you want to run. The main purpose of this button is to collect additional customer information. 

  • Redeem Coupon - Allows customers to redeem coupons through the kiosk. 

Note: You can always change the buttons once your kiosk is created if need be as well. 

Step 7. 

Once your buttons are selected you also have the option to send your customers a message with a link to your social media page. This is an additional feature that can be added at any time, it does not necessarily need to be added now. 

Step 8. 

The last step is to choose a template. The industry specific templates have a kiosk slideshow attached. The numbered templates simply display a static background while the other option is to select a blank template which you can then build a kiosk from scratch. 

Please keep in mind that you can make as many changes as you like to your template once you’ve created the kiosk, but you cannot go back and select another template. The only way to select another template would be to create another kiosk. 

Step 9. 

Now that you have made your selections, simply click create and you can now modify and customize your kiosk.