The Anniversary Club feature is designed to add an additional level of engagement with clients by collecting and automating a birthday message to go out to each individual based on their birthday. 

Step 1. 

Go to Mobile Tools and Click on Anniversary Clubs. 

Step 2. 

Click the button that says Create Anniversary Club. 

Step 3. 

Start by giving the Anniversary Club a Name. 

Step 4. 

Then select the status of the Anniversary Club. By default, the club starts on Not Active, switch it to Active once the system is ready start generating messages. 

Step 5. 

Then choose what time to send out the message. 


Step 6. 

Then choose the day the message should be sent. The options are on the client's anniversary or before, if before is selected, also need to determine how many days before. 

Step 7. 

Now select the campaign to send from, which is done to ensure customers' responses to a message, that it's sent to the correct account. 

Step 8. 

Then depending on the message type selected, create the message accordingly. 

Step 9. 

If the message includes a coupon, use the drop down provided to attach the corresponding coupon with the message. 

Step 10. 

Click Save to save all the information for the Anniversary Club.  

Step 11.

Once the settings are saved, the Anniversary Club settings will appear to the left and an Enrollment Section will appear on the right. MANUALLY put in all contacts anniversary dates into the club. The anniversary dates can only be entered manually into this program. 

Step 12. 

Once the contacts have been added, exit the anniversary club and it will see it appear under this section. This can be edited or added any additional dates as need be.