What are Referral Rewards?

A Referral Reward is a feature of a mobile coupon, that allows companies to reward customers who serve as advocates for their business when they share their mobile coupons with friends, family, and social networks. To prevent abuse and double dipping, shared coupons can only claimed by new contacts, and in order to accept the offer that was shared with them, the new contact must join the mobile program. When new contacts redeem their offers, the contact that shared the coupon with them is sent a Referral Reward. 

For an added transparency and tracking, the coupon widget displays SHARE STATS that allow contacts to see how well their sharing is working, and the system provides a  filterable Redeem Referral report to track overall activity. This is a powerful feature that keeps contact engagement fun while simultaneously casting a wide net for mobile programs. By ewarding existing contacts for brining in new subscribers, this feature also helps grow opt-in databases and increase contact retention.

At least two coupons are needed to execute Referral Rewards. 

  • The initial coupon contacts are encouraged to share.  
  • The reward coupon the sharing contact is sent after the requisite number of friends and family accept and redeem offer that was shared with them.

Note: This article does not guide on creating coupons in general. For more information and instruction on creating the coupons referenced above, please refer to the articles below.

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Simplified Steps to executing a Referral Rewards Program: 

Step 1 - Create the Referral Reward Coupon to be issued. 

Step 2 - Create the Initial Coupon to be Shared, and activate sharing. 

Note: Referral Reward settings can be activated for existing coupons. However, the coupon must have Sharing Enabled.

Step 3 - Activate Referral Reward settings for the Initial Coupon to be Shared.

Step 4 - Send a Text Blast with the Coupon to be Shared.

Follow the instructions below to Activate a Referral Reward program for the Initial Coupon to be Shared.


Activate Referral Rewards for the Initial Coupon to be Shared

Step 1. 

After creating or identifying the coupon that contacts will be encouraged to share, activate the Referral Reward settings. From the Mobile Tools Menu, click Mobile Coupons, then click the edit icon for the initial coupon to be shared. 

Step 2. 

Click the Referral Rewards menu.


Step 3.


Step 4.

Click the CREATE NEW REWARD button.

Step 5. 

Use the new fields provided to enter the the desired settings.


  • Reward Name - This can be the same name as the Referral Coupon to be issued. 
  • Send Reward At - This reward message goes out 1 day after the requisite number of redemptions are satisfied. Select the time of day to send this text. 
  • Reward Tiers - Select whether the rewards are to be issued as single or multi-tier.
  • Reset Options - Select whether the reward criteria will reset for a contact after the top tier is reached. Do Not Reset prevents the contact from starting the program over again after they have reached the highest tier allowed. 
  • Keyword - Select the keyword campaign to be used to send the reward message.
  • # Coupons Redeemed - Enter the number of redemptions that must be satisfied to issue the reward.
  • Reward Message - Compose the reward message to be sent, and include ~redeem~ to attach the Referral Reward Coupon.  
  • Add Coupon - Use the drop down menu to select the Reward Coupon that was created. 

Step 6. 

Click the CREATE BUTTON to save the settings.

Step 7. 

Confirmation - The system will indicate that the Referral Reward status is ACTIVE and live. Return to the Referral Reward menu for the coupon to be shared at any time to edit or delete the reward. 

Step 8

If creating a Multi-tier program, click the ADD button to create the next reward tier. Repeat this step until all tiers are created for the desired referral program. 

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