The Coupon Widget makes it easy for customers to see more details about your offers, to access company information, and to view their loyalty progress. The Coupon Widget lets businesses provide greater clarity for their offers, include visual enticements that increase redemptions and sharing, and effectively validate and track coupons and redemptions. Every account automatically includes a default Coupon Widget that is accessible in the Mobile Coupons section of the platform. Each of your mobile coupons is already configured to work with your default Coupon Widget. 

Table of Contents

Use the steps below to familiarize yourself with the menus and features of the Coupon Widget.

Step 1.

Click Mobile Tools from the main menu, then click Mobile Coupons.

Step 2.

You will see your Default Coupon Widget on the right side of the page. To configure your Coupon Widget, click on the Edit icon of the Default Widget.

This will launch the Coupon Widget Wizard which features 7 customizable sections and a live preview window.

Use the settings available in the General Layout menu to customize the widget background and company logo seen in iPhone previews and at the top of the coupon page.

  • Coupon Widget Name - This is an internal name for your Coupon Widget and it is not visible to customers.

  • Widget Analytics & Re-Marketing - Use Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel to track activity and re-target contacts with social media ads.

  • Page Background - Assign a color or Image File for the Coupon Widget background.

    • The system provides a default image for the background

  • Header Image - Hide or display and upload an image that will appear at the top of the Coupon Widget. (ex: company logo)

  • Webpage Preview Image - Upload a graphic that displays in the customers’ message thread when they receive a text with a link to the coupon widget.

  • iPhone Bookmark Popup - Displays a prompt on iPhones that suggests that users save the coupon link to their desktop.

  • Hide Top Menu - Hide or display and customize the look of the widget’s Top Menu. 

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Use the settings available in the Main Body menu to customize the widget layout, upload/edit coupon-specific images, format title/description fonts and colors, and activate/hide the redeem button and social icons.

  • Page Layout - The page layout lets you organize your page in one of three formats:

    • Side by Side - Coupon Name/Image and description arranged side by side.

    • Stacked - Coupon Name, Image, and Description displayed one on top of the other.

    • No Image - Coupon Name and description displayed with no image shown.

  • Body Height - This allows you to restrict the coupon’s body height to the pixels selected or Autosize as needed.

  • Header Bar & Settings - Hide or display and customize the header bar.

  • Coupon Title - The title text loads from the Mobile Coupon itself. Use this section to customize the title’s font color and alignment within the widget.
  • Coupon Description - The description text loads from the Mobile Coupon itself. Use this section to customize the description’s font color and alignment within the widget.
  • Redeem Button - Hide or display and customize the look of the Redeem button on the widget.
  • Image Selection - The optional coupon image can be the same for every coupon linked to the widget (Fixed) or different for every coupon (Individual).
    • The system provides a default "Special Offer" image for the coupon.
  • Select Image - This allows you to upload a new default image.
  • Social Media Label & Activate Links - Provide your contacts with an easy way to engage your brand's social networks. Enter corresponding social media URLs in the fields provided to activate Social Icons for the widget.
    • Email entries should be formatted with mailto (ex: 

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In addition to Contact Information, this section allows you to include 2 customizable buttons that can provide more detail or redirect to other URLs. Using footer buttons in your widget is completely optional.

  • Contact & Location Button - Users can choose whether to display the Contact Button and its associated components:

    • Text Area - Use for hours of operation and other relevant information. 

    • Location Map, Address, & Direct Button - Enter your business address and display an embedded Google Map and Directions link.

  • Optional Button #2 - Display your promotional Terms & Conditions, or link to an external URL with comprehensive Terms & Conditions.

  • Optional Button #3 - The optional 3rd button can be used for additional information relevant to the promotion, OR to link to an external webpage.

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This menu allows you to control and customize what customers experience when they click the redeem button on the widget. If the redeem button for the widget will be hidden, you can disregard these settings.

Redemption Timestamp, Expiration Countdown, Coupon Expired Labels - This allows you to customize the header texts that display for coupons that have been redeemed, are about to expire and have already expired.  

  • Hide Description When Redeemed - Hides the coupon description and title from view for every redeemed coupon.

  • Hide Countdown When Redeemed - Functionally disables the countdown.

  • Countdown Options -  When active, the act of redeeming a coupon on the widget will trigger the display of a live countdown. This countdown represents a Redemption Window, aka the time you’ve allowed for the customer to present their coupon to a cashier who will then process the transaction. Use the available options to choose how a redeemed coupon will display a live countdown until the redemption window closes.

    • Fixed Countdown - Upon redemption, an instructional pop-up message and the coupon will display a redemption window as determined by the Set Fixed Countdown option. 

    • Countdown to Coupon Expiration - Upon redemption, the instructional pop-up message and the coupon will display a redemption window as determined by the coupon’s actual Expiration settings.  

    • Display Coupon Expiration w/Fixed Countdown - Upon redemption, the instructional pop-up message will display the coupon’s actual expiration date and the redemption window as determined by the Set Fixed Countdown. Whereas the coupon will only display the redemption window as determined by the Set Fixed Countdown option.

  • Set Fixed Countdown - AKA Redemption Timer, Indicates the number of minutes or hours until a live countdown ends.

  • Pre-Redemption Pop-Up Alert - Appears when a customer presses the redeem button. Allows you to customize a message that instructs a customer on how to confirm their redemption. 

  • Redemption Instructions - This appears after a coupon has been redeemed. Allows you to provide simple instructions for your store clerk to perform when a customer presents their redeemed coupon.

  • Display Barcode - This feature displays a barcode or coupon code upon redemption which can then be scanned or manually entered at the point of sale.

    • Hide Barcode When Expired - Hides the barcode after a coupon has expired.

    • Barcode Source - The barcode displayed upon redemption can be loaded directly from the widget or from the individual mobile coupons. If you choose the "mobile coupon" option, you can select to generate a unique barcode for each coupon code issued OR add one default barcode for the mobile coupon.

    • Select Barcode Type - Consult with your Point of Sale vendor to determine what type of barcodes your system supports, then make a selection from the list provided.

    • Enter Barcode Data - Type in the data for your barcode and click UPDATE to generate a preview of the barcode.

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This menu is useful for accounts with multiple locations and an active redeem button on the widget. It allows you to add, edit, and track redemptions at participating locations. If the redeem button for the widget will be hidden, you can disregard these settings.

Redeem Coupon by Location - Track coupon redemption by location. Turn ON for multiple locations only.

  • Access Customer's GPS Location - This lets the widget access the customer's geo-location through their device.

  • No Location Found Message - This allows you to customize the message that displays when no location can be found with the customer’s GPS or Store ID search.

  • Location Search Options - Select the search options you would like available to your customers.

    • GPS Enabled - Automatically select the nearest location.

    • GPS Enabled - Show a list of locations.

    • Provide a list of locations if GPS location is not available

    • Allow search by store ID

  • Direction & Redeem Button - Each location added to the widget will display on its own location page. Use these buttons to activate or hide Direction & Redeem buttons on the location pages.  

  • Customize Labels - This allows you to customize the text of location page buttons and headers

  • Add A Location - Click the Add Location button to add each of your business locations to your widget.

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Allowing your customers to share their coupons is a wonderful way to spread the word about offers and build your database. The Coupon Sharing menu allows you to determine if sharing will be allowed and how sharing coupons linked to the widget can occur.  If your coupon is not set to “Allow Sharing” you can disregard these settings.

  • Share Options - 

    • Send to a Friend - Provides a text field to type in a friend's mobile number to send them the coupon. Requires Mobile opt-in to a campaign. 

    • Allow Sharing on Facebook - Allows a customer to share the coupon they've received on their Facebook timeline.

    • Allow Sharing on Twitter - Allows a customer to share the coupon they've received on their Twitter page.

    • Display Share Link - Displays a link the customer can share with multiple contacts at one time by copying and pasting the link into a group text message. 

    • Display Share QR Code - Activates a QR Code option that, when scanned, redirects the end-user to the Get Coupon Page. 

  • Share Mode - 

    • Require a Mobile Number - This allows you to grow your database by requiring a mobile number to opt-in to a campaign in order to get and redeem a coupon.

    • Do NOT Require a MobileNumber - This does NOT collect any information and is basically a public coupon available to anyone.

  • Select Opt-In Keyword - Use the drop-down menu to select the keyword customers will be opted-in to when they claim a coupon that was shared with them.

    • Keyword selection is required when using the “Mobile Share” option.

  • Share Button - Hide or display and customize the look of the Share button on the widget.

  • Send to a Friend Header Text - Customizable label for your mobile share page.

  • Send to a Friend Button Label - Customize the text of the button customers click to confirm their desire to share a coupon.

  • Send to a Friend SMS Message - Customizable text message sent to the person with who you have shared the coupon.

  • Sharing by Coupon - When you turn Sharing ON for a Coupon Widget, you have the option to turn Sharing ON for All Coupons linked to the widget or you can pick and choose which coupons can and cannot be shared. When you turn Sharing ON for a mobile coupon, the system will provide you with a SHARE URL that can be used to share the mobile coupon with others.

  • Get Coupon Header Text - Customizable label for your mobile share page.
  • Get Coupon Button Label - Customize the text of the button customers click to confirm their desire to share a coupon.
  • Required Opt-In Disclaimer - This TCPA Disclaimer displays on the “Get Offer Page” customers view when their friends share a coupon with them.

    • (Optional) Edit the number of messages per month in accordance with the Selected Opt-in Keyword. 

    • (Optional) Use the TCPA Company Name field to clarify, as needed, the company name reflected in the TCPA Disclaimer.    

  • Get Coupon SMS Message - Customizable text message sent in response when they've typed in their mobile number and agreed to all conditions in order to "get" the coupon.

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The My Coupons Page is where your customers will be able to access their available, expired, and redeemed offers, see their loyalty progress, and view/edit their own contact profile.  

  • Home Widget - When sent in a text, ~mycoupon~ will display a URL that, when clicked, will redirect the end-user to the My Coupons Page of a Coupon Widget. Checkmark the box to indicate the default widget to be used/displayed when using ~mycoupon~ in a text.
  • My Coupons Button - Hide or display and customize the look of the My Coupons button on the widget. Note: This button can be used alone or in conjunction with the Top Menu option of the General Layout menu.
  • Custom Profile Form - The widget’s default profile options include First Name, Last Name, Email, and Birthdate. Webform field mapping allows you to map a web form to the profile tab of the My Coupons page and customize the data fields available to your customers.  Before you can use this feature, you MUST create a web form. 

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  • Coupon Display - Allows the widget to display all coupons for the entire account.

  • Coupon Display Area - Customizable options for the page’s general display area.

  • View Coupon Button - Customizable options for the View Coupon Button.

  • Coupon Separator Color - Customizable option for the line that appears between coupons listed within the Available, Redeemed, and Expired Tabs.

  • Show Loyalty Status -  When “Yes” is selected, the loyalty status for the designated loyalty clubs will be displayed at the top of the My Coupons page.

    • Loyalty Club - Options to customize the general status area.

    • Loyalty Progress Bar - Options to customize the Loyalty Progress Bar.

    • Loyalty Club Label - Name the Loyalty Club and select the keyword to display the Loyalty Status & Progress.

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The Coupon Widget can be easily integrated into any text message that uses a mobile coupon. This includes Text Blasts as well as Interactive, Trigger, Auto-Engagement, Birthday, and Anniversary Club Messages.  

Step 1.

Configure your text message to use a Mobile Coupon by selecting the applicable Mobile Coupon from the dropdown in the Advanced Message Options.

Step 2.

Include ~redeem~ in your message to generate a unique link to the Coupon Widget for the specific mobile number. The ~redeem~ will be replaced with a unique URL (e.g., specific to each mobile number for effective tracking.

Note: The coupon pairing code of your choice ( ~redeem~, ~share~, or ~coupon~ ) must be in the message field along with a coupon selected from the drop-down menu to schedule a text that delivers a coupon.  

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Coupons can be easily redeemed through your Coupon Widget. When a customer clicks on the unique URL they received via text, their mobile browser will launch the Coupon Widget. From here they can read the details of their mobile coupon and then click REDEEM when they are ready. This will prompt the customer to confirm their intent to redeem and will then display a redemption timer until a live countdown ends. 

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