Coupon Sharing is a wonderful way to cast a wider net for your offers. Use the menu options below to add sharing functionality to your widget and associated coupons.

Step 1.

Share Options - Checkmark 1 or more Share Options that you would like to make available.

  • Send to a Friend - Activates a Mobile Share button that, when clicked, provides a text field for end-users to type in a friend's mobile number to have the system send them the coupon. Requires Mobile opt-in to a campaign (See Step 2). 

  • Allow Sharing on Facebook - Activates a "Share on Facebook" button that, when clicked, allows an end-user to share the coupon they've received on their Facebook timeline.

  • Allow Sharing on Twitter - Activates a "Share on Twitter" button that, when clicked, allows an end-user to share the coupon they've received on their Twitter page.

  • Display Share Link - Activates a Get My Share Link button that, when clicked, displays a link the customer can share with multiple contacts at one time by copying and pasting the link into a group text message.
  • Display Share QR Code - Activates a QR Code that, when scanned, redirects the end-user to the Get Coupon Page.

Step 2.

Your Share Mode selection determines whether or not the system will require that contacts interested in receiving a shared coupon submit a mobile number. This selection also impacts how coupon redemption tracking works for the offer in question.

  • Require a Mobile Number- This allows you to grow your database by requiring the contact to ether their mobile number to opt-in to a campaign in order to get and redeem the offer. Requiring a mobile number is necessary to track coupon redemptions.

  • DO NOT Require a Mobile Number - This option does NOT require the contact to enter their mobile number to receive an offer. When selected, the offer is basically a public coupon available to anyone. Coupon redemptions cannot be tracked with this option and contacts that accept coupons shared with them are not opted-in to a campaign.

Step 3.

If you are activating Mobile Share or Requiring a Mobile Number, you must select an Opt-In Keyword.  

  • Use the drop-down menu to select the keyword customers will be opted-in to when they claim a coupon that was shared with them.

Step 4.

Hide or display and customize the look of the Share Button on the widget.

Step 5.

Customize the Header Text for your mobile share page.


Step 6.

Button Label - Customize the text of the button customers click to confirm their desire to share a coupon.  

Step 7.

When a contact uses the Mobile Share option to send the offer to a friend, the system will send a text message to the friend’s mobile number. Use the space provided to customize the text message sent to the friend’s mobile number.

Step 8.

Sharing by Coupon - When you turn Sharing ON for a Coupon Widget, you have the option to turn Sharing ON for All Coupons linked to the widget or you can pick and choose which coupons can and cannot be shared. 

When you turn Sharing ON for a mobile coupon, the system will provide you with a SHARE URL & SHARE QR CODE. The features can be used to share the mobile coupon through cross-promotion campaigns.

Step 9.

Header Text & Button Label - Customize the label of the Get Offer page and the Get Offer page button customers click to confirm their desire to get a coupon.  

Step 10.

Required Opt-In Disclaimer - This TCPA Disclaimer is shown in the widget displays on the “Get Offer Page” contacts view when a friend shares a coupon with them.

Use the fields provided to edit the number of messages per month in accordance with the Selected Opt-in Keyword. By default, the Account Name is used for the widget’s TCPA disclaimer. Use the space provided to edit the TCPA Company Name, if needed.

Step 11.

Get Coupon SMS Message - Customize the text message sent to contacts after they've typed in their mobile number and agreed to all conditions in order to "get" the coupon.

Step 12.

Click the Update button to save your Coupon Sharing settings.

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