Before you can begin to use the Kiosk Check-In Manager (KCM) you must activate and configure the default settings. 

Note: The KCM is kiosk specific - NOT account-specific. Each kiosk is managed by its own KCM. If your account contains multiple kiosks, you will need to activate a KCM for each kiosk.


Table of Contents

Step 1.

Click Mobile Tools from the main menu.

Step 2.

Click Digital Kiosk Wizard.

Step 3. 

Click the pencil icon in the edit column of the Kiosk for which you wish to create a KCM.

Step 4. 

Locate & click the Check-In Manager button at the top of the screen.

Step 5.

In the pop-up provided, click the Create Kiosk Check-In Manager button, and the page will refresh and issue a KCM URL you can use and edit as needed.

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Once the feature is activated for a kiosk, you will see the KCM Settings pop-up. This page allows you to control a variety of settings, functions, and user restrictions. 

Note: Waitlist & Data Sync - The Waitlist System and Data Sync settings are optional functions of the KCM that allow your staff to manage a queuing system used to notify contacts when their table is ready, or when their order is ready for pick-up, or that their number for entry has been called. These settings are explained in additional articles.

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Check-In Manager Link - Each KCM is assigned a unique, case-sensitive, URL that can be opened on any browser. To begin using the KCM right away, click the Launch Tools button to open the KCM and enter your PIN.

Step 6.

Auto Log-Off - Use the drop-down menu to select the amount of time the KCM can remain open/idle before timing out & automatically logging the user off of the KCM.

Step 7.

Employee Tracking - Activates another button on the KCM toolbar which lists the employees/users and the aggregate activity generated by their PIN. Activating the Employee Tracking Report also allows for the generation of additional Reporting menu options (ex: Check-In Manager Ranking & Check-In Manager Activity).

(optional) Step 8.

Contact Details Custom Form Mapping - Mapping a web form to the KCM has the effect of customizing the data fields available within the contact profiles. This option allows you to collect more specific information about contacts (ex: Custom Fields 1-10). 

Step 9.

Linked Keyword to Send Messages - All messages sent from the system are linked to a campaign. In order to send messages from the KCM, you must select a default keyword from the drop-down menu. Click the Message Templates button to create messages for use with the Basic KCM or Waitlist System. 

Step 10.

Click the Update button at the bottom of the pop-up window to save your KCM settings before clicking the Message Templates button.


Step 11.

Message Templates - Click the Message Templates button to create one-time message templates you will be used to send messages to contacts from the KCM. The page will open in a new tab on your browser.

Step 12.

Click the Create One Time Message button and use the options provided to create your Message templates. 

Note: If your account has an active Text Reminder System (TRS), make sure to select No to "Show on Text Reminder System" and Yes to "Show on Check-In Manager" for any messages you do not want to be used within the TRS. 

Step 13.

Click the originating tab on your browser to return to the KCM pop-up and complete your Check-In Manager settings.

(optional) Step 14.

Live Stream - This feature will automatically load the profile of the most recent checked-in contact. With Live Stream ON, each time a new contact checks in, the profile page will refresh displaying the new contact information.

(optional) Step 15.

"View Kiosk" Button - The KCM allows you to enter check-ins from the New Check-In button page as well as open a live representation of the customer-facing kiosk when clicking the View Kiosk button. Hiding the View Kiosk button removes the button from the KCM toolbar, allowing you to simplify the experience for your staff. 

(optional) Step 16.

Auto-Lock Kiosk - When locked, the customer-facing kiosk cannot be used unless an employee/user is logged in to the corresponding KCM. Use the space provided to customize the lock message that will display when someone attempts to check-in to a locked kiosk.

Note: The font type and color of the Kiosk Lock display message is controlled by the Digital Kiosk Wizard's Main Page, Kiosk Generated Message settings. 

Step 17.

Click the Update button at the bottom of the pop-up window to save your Basic Check-In Manager Settings

To activate and configure a KCM Waitlist, please read and follow the instructions contained in the related articles listed below.

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See Related Article: KCM Waitlist System (Employee Interface)

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Step 18.

Manage Staff - Click the Manage Staff tab at the top of the pop-up to create and manage employee PINS for the KCM. Follow the steps below to Create and Edit Staff profiles. 

Step 19.

Secure PIN Length - Use the drop-down to select from 4, 5 and 6 digits pin lengths. Each employee/user profile must contain the same Pin Length.

Note: Every newly created KCM is activated with a Default User & PIN. To change Pin Lengths to something other than 6 Digits, you must first delete the default user.

Step 20.

Enter a Name and PIN in the Add New Employee fields provided then click the Add button to save your entry.

Step 21.

Repeat steps 1 & 2 as needed to create a Staff Profile for every employee that will have access to the KCM. 

Note: Unless specified, all users will be able to add/remove check-ins, edit contact profiles, and delete coupons. 


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Step 22.

Click the edit icon in the Settings column.

Step 23.

Enter the new Employee Name in the field provided and, or, checkmark the boxes provided to add restrictions to the Staff profile. 

Options - 

  • Restrict the ability to edit points - Prevents the user from changing a contact's points.
  • Restrict the number of points per customer - Limits the number of points a user can provide per contact over a set number of days.
  • Restrict the ability to edit customer information - Prevents the user from changing contact's profile information.
  • Restrict from un-redeeming and deleting coupons - Prevents the user from un-redeeming and deleting coupons. 

Note: This option should be allowed for admin and management user profiles only.

Step 24.

Click the Update button to save your selections. 

Step 25.

Repeat steps 1 - 3 as needed to edit the user profiles for every employee that will have access to the KCM. 

Please explore our other support articles to learn more about the Kiosk Check-In Manager (KCM).

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