The URL Shortener is a feature built to allow longer URL addresses to be placed in this feature and shorten the length of the URL, which saves space in any text message for other information. 

Step 1. 

Go to Mobile ToolsURL Shortener. 

Step 2. 

Click on Create Short URL 

Step 3. 

Copy the full link and paste it into the space provided, make sure to include the https:// as noted in the instructions. 

Step 4. 

Add an internal description to make it easy to identify for future purposes. 

Step 5. 

Click the Create Short URL button to save. 

Step 6. 

The popup will show your URL is now complete. To copy the short URL created, click the close button in the top right hand corner. 

Step 7. 

You will be brought back to the URL shortener page where your short URL will appear. From here, simply copy the short URL and paste it into whatever message you like. 

 Watch: Video Tutorial - URL Shortener