The Birthday Club feature is designed to add an additional level of engagement with clients by automating a birthday message to go out to each individual based on their birthday. 

Step 1. 

Go to Mobile Tools and Click on Anniversary Clubs

Step 2. 

Click the button that says Create Birthday Club

Step 3. 

Start by setting the status of your Birthday Club. By default, the Birthday Club starts as Not Active, switch it to Active once you want the system to start generating messages. 

Step 4. 

Next select the enrollment method you prefer. By default, the setting is to automatically enroll ALL contacts with valid birthdays, however if preferred, you can manually enroll contacts. 

Step 5. 

Now select the mobile campaign to send your messages from. This can be linked to your general mobile campaign.

Step 6. 

Select the Send Day for your birthday message. This can be either ON the actual birthday or (x) days Before the birthday: 

Step 7. 

Choose the Send Time for the birthday message. 

Step 8. 

Choose the message type: SMS or MMS. 

Step 9. 

Then depending on the message type selected, you will create the message accordingly. 

Step 10. 

If the message includes a coupon, you must also attach the corresponding coupon with the message. 

Step 11. 

Click Save Birthday Club Settings to save all the information that has been set. 

Step 12.

Once you save your settings, you will be brought back to the main page of the Anniversary Clubs page and it allows you to edit the settings at any time. 


Note: If you would like to set up an additional birthday clubs, you can do this, just keep in mind that all contacts will be dropped into the birthday club, unless manually added.