vCard is the abbreviation for Virtual Business Card and is the standard format (.vcf files) for contacts on mobile devices. vCards allow you to create and share multiple pieces of contact information in a single contact record. For every vCard you create, the platform’s Wizard generates a unique URL that can be used in your texting programs. Follow the steps below to create a vCard.

Step 1.

Click Mobile Tools from the main menu.

Step 2.

Click vCard Wizard.

Step 3.

Click the Create vCard button to start a new vCard.

Step 4.

Enter your vCard name and optional description (for internal purposes only) in the space provided, then click the Create vCard button. Afterwards, you will be able to edit the vCard’s content.


Your new vCard will be accessible through the short URL provided at the top of the vCard Wizard page. This URL can be included in text messages and other media for easy access to the vCard file.

The vCard Wizard offers different complexity options (Simple / Intermediate / Advanced) with each offering different data fields that can be activated. Click on each complexity option to see the data fields available to each selection.   

The vCard Wizard lets you easily add and modify your vCard Data Fields using the available options listed on the left side of the page. To Add a Data Field, simply click on the desired data field from the options on the left, enter the details in the space provided, then click the Save Data button to add your new field.

As you continue to enter your data, each entry will become visible on the right side of the vCard Wizard labeled “Saved vCard Data”. Click any entry shown on this list to edit the data field. Click the delete icon to remove the entry from the vCard

Note: You can add multiple instances of the same data field to a vCard (ex: Telephone). The Social Media “Social Profile” Data Field works with iPhones, only.

 Watch: Video Tutorial - vCard Wizard