The random winner selector is designed to choose a number of opt-in contacts to a mobile campaign, and alternatively notify both winners and non-winner of the selection. How often and how many winners are chosen will be determined by the contest parameters and can be added and deleted at any time. 

Step 1. 

Go to Mobile Tools and click on Random Winner Selector. 

Step 2. 

To begin creating the random winner selector, click on Pick Contest Winners. 

Step 3. 

Now give the program a name. 

Step 4. 

Choose the campaign that the contest is running from, this will help determine the entries for the contest. 

Step 5. 

Then determine if Kiosk Entries are to be included or not. 

Step 6. 

Determine the start date and end date that entries must fall in between. 

Step 7. 

Next determine when to choose a winner. 

  • Now: Means as soon as the the random winner program is created, a winner is chosen.
  • At End Date: Means it will look at the end date provided and send a winner message exactly when the program ends. Be careful if the program ends late, as customers do not enjoy getting messages very late. 
  • In The Future: Means another date is selected after the end date that the message will go out, which is particularly useful if the end date is very late. 

Step 8. 

Then select the number of winners. 

Step 9. 

Along with how many winners, select who can be included in the winner options. 

  • Exclude All Previous Winners: This will prevent any contact that has been previously selected by any RWS in the entire account from being chosen as a winner. 
  • Exclude Previous Winner of This Campaign: This will prevent any contact that has been previously selected by an RWS linked to the campaign from being chosen as a winner.
  • No Exclusions: Any contact opted-in to the campaign during the date range of the RWS can be chosen a winner.

Step 10. 

Chose if a message is to go out to the winners. If so, create the winner message and can attach a coupon as well. 

Step 11. 

Then decide if a message is to be sent out to the Non-winners. 

Step 12. 

Optionally, select to send a notification of the winners up to two phone numbers. 

Step 13. 

Finally, click on Create this Winner Selector to save all the settings. 

Step 14. 

Now the random winner selector program is created it can viewed, edited, duplicated or deleted at any time. 

Once the winners have been chosen, click the view button to see the list of winners generated by this program. 

 Watch: Random Winner Selector