The Kiosk Check-In Manager (KCM) is a powerful tool that allows your front office staff to manage loyalty rewards programs, update contact profiles, track employee activity, view and edit daily kiosk activity, and more. 

The KCM is accessible on any web browser and is intended to compliment the customer facing kiosk by providing an employee-facing screen where your staff can see and manage kiosk activity in real time. Often referred to as the “dual screen solution”, the KCM can be accessed from a second employee facing tablet, computer, Android or Web-enabled POS system, even a mobile phone. When a customer checks-in on the primary customer facing kiosk, the employee facing KCM registers and displays the entry on a list or opens directly onto the contact profile. Where counter space is limited, the KCM provides a flexible alternative by enabling staff to administer the kiosk activity on behalf of customers.

**IMPORTANT** If you are using the KCM to enter customer data and opt them into your mobile campaigns, you must use a DOUBLE OPT-IN filter on your mobile campaign.

Some of the things you can do with the KCM include, but are not limited to:

  • Seeing Daily Kiosk Activity.

  • Offering an Employee Administered Point/Spend Based Loyalty Program.

  • Searching & Managing Customer Profiles.

  • Viewing & Redeeming Available Coupons.

  • Tracking Employee Activity.

  • Locking an Unattended Kiosk.

  • Sending one time messages to contacts.

  • Managing a Waitlist System

To learn more about the Kiosk Check-In Manager view the support documents and videos below.

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