The My Coupons Page is where your contacts can view their available, expired, and redeemed offers, see their loyalty progress, and view/edit their contact profile. Use the menu options below to hide or display and customize the My Coupons Page.

Step 1.

Home Widget - When ~mycoupon~ is sent in a text it will display a URL that, when clicked, will redirect the end-user to the My Coupons Page of the redemption widget. Checkmark the box to indicate the default widget to be used/displayed when sending ~mycoupon~ in a text.

  • The widget you assign for this function will be marked with a House icon.

Step 2.

My Coupons Button - Hide or display and customize the label and look of the My Coupons button on the widget.

  • Note: This button can be used alone or in conjunction with the Top Menu option of the General Layout menu.

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Step 3.

Custom Profile Form - The widget’s default profile options include First Name, Last Name, Email, and Birthdate. 

  • Custom Profile Form allows you to map a web form to the profile tab of the My Coupons page and customize the data fields available to your customers. Before you can use this feature, you MUST create a web form. 

  • Once you’ve created a web form, you will be able to select it from a drop-down menu.

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Step 4.

Coupon Display - Checking the box will allow the widget to display all coupons for the entire account regardless of the widget they are linked to. Otherwise, if unchecked, the My Coupons page will only display coupons that are linked to the specific widget.

Step 5.

Coupon Display Area, View Coupon Button, Coupon Separator Color - Use the options provided to customize the general display area of the My Coupons page. 

Step 6.

Show Loyalty Status - Activate  This option allows you to display a contact's loyalty progress at the top of the My Coupons page. You MUST create a loyalty campaign in order to use this feature. 

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  • Once you’ve created a loyalty campaign, click “Yes” to activate this feature and use the available options to customize the display.

  • Click the Update button to save your changes.

Step 7.

Loyalty Club Label  The loyalty progress displayed in the feature is specific to a Loyalty Campaign contacts check-in to in order to earn rewards. Use the space provided to label the Loyalty Club and select the desired Loyalty Campaign.

  • Once the label has been created, click the Display Icon magnifying glass to change the Icon.

Step 8.

Click the Update button to save your My Coupons Page settings.

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